Quickest Redirection

Real Time Report. The Fairest Price Tracker Ever

We define Newbidder is an data company, which helps affilaites making desicion by newbidder tracking and analytic system.

Tracing Everything Precisely

Newbidder extensive reporting offers best real-time granual report, include device,OS,OS version,country,city,mobile carrer,browser, browser version,ip...etc.

The Quickest Redirect Tracker Ever

Newbidder TRK is the quickest reditect tracker,with standard security data saving and quickest respond redirect result to users.Our 13 end-points across 6 continents can guarantee every redirection reach its nearest server to get the resluts even one of the end-points dead.

See For Yourself How Much People Love Newbidder

Affiliate Network Integration

Normally you will get a best converted offer list form your affiliate network AM, maybe one or two even more.so you need add them one by one to the tracking system manually which will cost you time. The good news is newbidder tracking can solve this problem. it has integrated sort of big affiliate network through api, logically you need bind your api token in newbidder tracking and pull all approved offer list in the list. here is the step to follow.

Traffic Source Integration

Newbidder TRK and Popcash are now integrated into one all-up dashboard, allowing you to control your Popcash campaigns directly from within Newbidder TRK.

Automate Rules

Your campaign is automated optmized by creating the rule which free you from keeping eye on your campaign status.

Choose Plan

  • Pro Plan

    $ 49 /Mon
    $ 19 /Mon
    1. 1000000 included events
    2. 0.049/1000 overage charge
    3. Skype Support 24/7
    4. 6 month data retention
    5. 5 custom tracking domains
    6. 1 additional user
    7. 10%volume discount
  • Agency Plan

    $ 199 /Mon
    $ 49 /Mon
    1. 10000000 included events
    2. 0.02/1000 overage charge
    3. Skype Support 24/7
    4. 1 year data retention
    5. 10 custom tracking domains
    6. 2 additional users
    7. 15%volume discount
  • Enterprise Plan

    $ 499 /Mon
    $ 99 /Mon
    1. 30000000 included events
    2. 0.017/1000 overage charge
    3. Skype Support 24/7
    4. 2 year data retention
    5. 30 custom tracking domains
    6. 5 additional users
    7. 20%volume discount
  • Compare Newbidder to other solutions

    Function Funnel Heat
    Bot & Custom
    Traffic Filtering
    Unlimited Tracking
    Domains (CNAMEs)
    Extensive Reporting Custom
    Tracking Fields
    Cloak Key Performance
    Device Detection
    Unlimited Page &
    Offer Rotation
    Quickest Redirects Mobile App Advanced Traffic
    Cost Update
    Good UI and UX Optimization rule Get noticed from
    sudden change
    Funnelflux 60+
    CPVLab 100 20+

    you can set rules for creating
    white& black list bot ip

    Flexible Report System like Google


    13+ endpoint set in global which
    makes quickest redirect

    In developing

    One of my offers went down? Which one, in which country?
    Show it to me!
    My domain got flagged? Which one?
    ROI suddenly dropped, on which campaign?
    New zone that is eating up budget and
    killing campaign appeared?